21 December 2023

Dilfuza Tadjibaeva, the finalist of the first season of the UniSat program, was granted with the scholarship named after Maria Skladovskaya-Kyuri!

Finalists of the scholarship program IAEA named after Maria Skladovskaya_Kyuri have been selected. These are 100 girls from all over the world, who are studying different majors related to nuclear sphere. One of the scholars is Dilfuza Tadjibaeva from Karakalpakstan, who is a student at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and a finalist of the first season of UniSat program.

Earlier, Dilfuza has won the scholarship programs of “Uzatom” Agency and the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan Republic. Having received the diploma of the Tashkent branch of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Dilfuza decided to continue her education and is now pursuing her master’s degree at the main campus.

Congratulations with another achievement, Dilfuza!

Source: «Uzbekistan News»