04 October 2021

A significant day in the world of astronautics: October 4 is the beginning of the space age of mankind

Exactly 64 years ago, on October 4, 1957, from the 5th research site of the Ministry of Defense “Tyura-Tam” (later called the Baikonur cosmodrome), the first artificial Earth satellite “Sputnik-1” the name “PS-1” (“The Simplest Sputnik-1”) was launched.

The successful launch of the first satellite was preceded by many years of work by research institutes, hundreds of scientists and engineers.

As a result, on Friday, October 4, 1957, at 22:28:34 Moscow time, the whole world watched the flight of the first satellite in the world.

In addition to various scientific observations made by PS-1, the launch of this satellite opened the door to the development of the global Internet. Well, that’s another story…