10 May 2022

Uzbek girls launched their nanosatellite into the stratosphere

Navoi region, May 8, 2022 – 20 girls from different regions of Uzbekistan, participants in the UniSat educational program (Uni – UNICEF, Sat – satellite), launched their nanosatellite into the stratosphere. With the support of specialists from Uzhydromet, the girls will analyze the collected meteorological data and data on air pollution.

The Navoi region was chosen as a launch site due to the suitable terrain, a large number of innovative and technological projects. The launch took place under the supervision of specialists from the air navigation services, because according to the instructions, it is necessary to “close” the sky for aircraft over the launch site. The nanosatellite was in the stratosphere for about 1 hour and rose to a height of 11,600 m.

Prior to this, 188 girls aged 15-26 completed a 4-month online course on programming, engineering and data analysis. 20 girls with the highest academic results, together with their peers from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, took part in a 10-day practical seminar on assembling, launching a nanosatellite and analyzing the data obtained in Almaty.

“Using innovation and technology is critical to empowering young people. Supporting girls in STEM is important and helps them believe that girls can be successful in any field. Today we are witnessing a historic moment – 20 girls have advanced scientific developments with their own hands and taken a step forward towards building a society of gender equality,” said Munir Mammadzade, Head of the UNICEF Office in Uzbekistan.

“The launch of the nanosatellite and the subsequent analysis of the data obtained is an important step for our girls,” says Shahlo Turdikulova, Deputy Minister of Innovative Development. “The career opportunities in science, technology and data analytics are endless, and we invite the girls of Uzbekistan to choose STEM careers for themselves, conduct scientific research and experiments, and not be afraid to set ambitious goals.”

UNICEF, NGO Tech4Impact and the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan support all girls to provide opportunity and access to digital opportunities to achieve their dreams of the future.

“UniSat is more than just a project. This is knowledge. These are people. This is motivation,” said project participant Diyora Daminova (17 years old).

Other girls will also be able to become a member of the UniSat Uzbekistan program. Applications for the next phase of the program will begin in autumn 2022.