Welcome to the UniSat universe!

Dear girls, “UniSat – Launch your dreams” program invites you to a new international project.

UniSat participants will open the doors to some of the world’s most advanced technological universities. You will be in the same team with professors and engineers from NASA, the Russian Space Research Agency, scientists from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Unisat is a unique opportunity for girls in Uzbekistan to find their way, change their lives and try to work on science and advanced technologies.


What is the UniSat program?

UniSat is a joint program of UNICEF Uzbekistan, Tech4impact NGO and the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

UniSat mission is to develop girls’ knowledge and skills of teamwork, public speaking, effective time management, and increasing social adaptation. This program’ goal is to popularize science, space technology, STEM education and raise awareness of the gender issue in technological areas among the youth of Uzbekistan.

Participants will learn how to assemble and launch a real CubeSat nanosatellite into the stratosphere from leading specialists in the field of software and hardware development, gain knowledge on 3D modeling of space technology, design communication control units and the basics of Linux programming.


How will the work in the UniSat program go?

  • You will take part in online sessions with experts from various fields of science, successful women working in the field of space technology, who will tell their success stories and may become mentors for girls
  • We will conduct online and offline workshops on the design, programming and assembly of nanosatellites
  • 2 crews, 10 of the most active and responsible participants from all over Uzbekistan, will be selected by experts and invited to a week-long practical course on the assembly of the UniSat nanosatellite in Tashkent, at the InnoLab laboratory, with the participation of international experts and trainers.
  • 2 crews of participants will independently calculate the launch coordinates, organize a MCC (Mission Control Center) and take part in the Central Asian challenge to launch a nanosatellite into the stratosphere

How to become a part of the UniSat program?
Girls from 14 to 25 years old from any region of Uzbekistan can register. No special education and skills are required.

We invite you on an incredible journey. Do not watch innovations from the outside, but be their creators with us!


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