Welcome to the UniSat project! What is a nanosatellite that you and your team will assemble and launch? UniSat satellites are designed for educational purposes and are equipped with multiple cameras. One of the cameras captures an elliptical image of the Earth in 4K resolution. Launched UniSat nanosatellites will take pictures of the Earth and collect data on the composition of light, gas and radiation for further analysis by scientists. What will you study?

  • Team building and time management;
  • Introduction to preliminary satellite design and 3D modeling;
  • Software integration and hardware assembly;
  • Engineering approach to design and development of UniSat;
  • European Space Industry Standard used by UNISAT (ECSS);
  • Data analytics and many other interesting subjects

You will gain knowledge about PCB design, electrical engineering, space engineering, the Internet of Things, and wireless communications. You yourself draw up a flight plan and launch your nanosatellite from an existing site in Uzbekistan, under the supervision of specialists from the air navigation services. For all space lovers around the world, this grand event will be broadcasted live. Become a part of our team and you will become a part of the space history of Uzbekistan!   The training module consists of three components: WEBINARS:

  • Live broadcasts;
  • Meetings with successful women from science and technology spheres;
  • Online meetings with cosmonauts and engineers of world space agencies;
  • Q&A sessions.


  • Access to online materials;
  • Design of printed circuit boards;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Software development;
  • Internet of Things and other disciplines


  • Equipment assembly;
  • Equipment testing;
  • Integration of hardware tool and software;
  • Flight plan;
  • Wireless configuration.

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the program is free, and we invite to register girls from 15 to 24 years old from all regions of Uzbekistan. Register for the program!