16 March 2023

Space Talk Battle

🚀 Space Talk Battle 🚀
Final meeting of the UniSat 2.0 academic module, where we will discuss critical thinking and universal fiction, will be conducted on March 18th at 18:00-20:00.

🌌 Science battle
Join our team and girls from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan on controversial topics about space.


– Akmal Salikhov, head of the VRonica virtual reality company, lecturer at Westminister University
– Nora Rakhimova, coordinator of UniSat project, popularizer of the STEM projects for girls.

🤔 We will discuss:

– Flat Earth
– Black Mat and the origin of humanity
– Artificial Intelligence – machines’ rebellion
– Why critical thinking is the future

We will investigate the most popular myths about space and extraterrestrial civilizations, analyze the reasons for misconceptions and address the myths with scientific evidence.

There are adherents of flat Earth, fans of space movies and proponents of scientific researches among us. Join and express your point of view!